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As the backbone of any retail or service business, your point of sale system demands flawless operation. We’re here to make sure it always performs at its best, and come to the rescue when it doesn’t.

Hardware Component Replacement

Worried about a damaged motherboard or a malfunctioning card reader? Our technicians are skilled at replacing any hardware components that are acting up. From power supplies to touch-screens, RAM modules to receipt printers, we’ve got every facet of POS services covered.

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Software Configuration and Updates

With technological advancements, software updates are frequent and inevitable. Beyond just POS installation, our Geeks ensure that your POS software applications are always properly configured and up-to-date. Plus, if crashes or compatibility issues arise, you can rely on us to set things straight. Remember: A smooth POS system means smoother business operations.

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    Network and Communication Problems

    Connectivity is key. Our POS installation team excels in diagnosing and resolving any network challenges. Be it communication between POS terminals and peripherals, or issues with payment processing, we ensure seamless connectivity, always.

    Peripheral Device Repairs

    From repairing POS barcode scanners and customer displays to calibrating touchscreen displays, we maintain all your peripherals ensuring they operate perfectly and last longer.

    Data Recovery and Backup

    Facing malfunctioning or corrupted storage devices? Data is the heart of any business operation, and we’re here to protect it. With our data recovery services and automated backup solutions to prevent data loss (including Carbonite), we make sure you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

    Power and Electrical Issues

    Power glitches can bring business to a halt. Our Geeks swiftly diagnose and resolve power-related issues such as surges and outages, ensuring your POS system runs uninterrupted is at the heart of our POS services.

    Physical Repairs and Cleaning

    Dust, debris, and accidental damages—our Geeks have seen (and fixed) it all. Trust us to fix physical damage like broken casings and clean every vital component, keeping your POS equipment spick and span and running flawlessly.

    Battery Replacement:

    No more “low battery” alerts during rush hours. We’ll replace batteries in your wireless POS terminals, ensuring they’re always ready to go.

    Upgrades and System Expansion

    Thinking of scaling up or just starting with POS installation? We’ll upgrade hardware components and expand your POS system with additional terminals or peripherals to fit your growing business needs.

    Modern POS system with touchless payment

    Security Enhancements

    Your POS contains sensitive information. Our team ensures it’s safeguarded against vulnerabilities with timely security updates and robust security setting configurations.

    Unleash the Full Potential of Your POS With Geeks on Site

    Ready to optimize your POS system’s performance? Let Geeks on Site handle all your POS installation and service needs effectively and efficiently. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find a tech near you. We’re always just a phone call away.


    What makes POS services from Geeks on Site unique?

    Geeks on Site offers POS installation, repair, and system services that cover everything from hardware component replacement and software configuration to network troubleshooting and data recovery. Powered by over 900 expert technicians nationwide, we ensure your POS system operates flawlessly, enhancing your business operations. Our unique approach includes personalized solutions, quick response times, and a commitment to keeping your system up-to-date and secure.

    Can Geeks on Site handle both hardware and software issues?

    Yes, our technicians are skilled in addressing both hardware malfunctions, like damaged motherboards or malfunctioning card readers, and software issues, including crashes and compatibility problems. We also specialize in hardware upgrades, system expansions, and ensuring your software is always properly configured and up-to-date.

    How does Geeks on Site support POS networks and communication?

    Connectivity is crucial for POS systems, and our team excels at diagnosing and resolving network challenges to ensure seamless communication between terminals and peripherals. We tackle payment processing issues, ensuring your transactions are smooth and uninterrupted.

    Can Geeks on Site assist with POS system expansion?

    Absolutely! Whether you’re scaling up or just starting out with POS installation, we can upgrade hardware components and expand your system with additional terminals or peripherals, tailored to fit your growing business needs.

    What if I experience power or electrical issues with my POS system?

    Our POS installation technicians swiftly diagnose and resolve power-related problems, such as surges and outages, to ensure your POS system runs without interruption. We also offer battery replacement POS services for wireless terminals to keep them operational during peak business hours.

    Is it possible to get same-day service for my POS system?

    We strive to provide prompt service, including same-day assistance when possible. Contact us to check availability and get your POS system issues resolved quickly, minimizing any impact on your business operations.